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    Washington D.C.
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    Washington is this nation’s capital and not only the home to the President, Supreme Court, and Congress but 600 thousand people.  Washington is home to many iconic locations, and historical sites, such as:

    • National Cherry Blossom Festival
    • White House
    • Lincoln Memorial, that has over 6 million visitors a year
    • Union Station, which is one of the largest train stations in the country
    • Universities such as, Georgetown University, Catholic University, and many more.

    All of these attractions draws a lot of crowds and offers the ideal location for any type of event.

    With the cities large amounts of tourist attractions such as shopping malls, numerous historical monuments and Universities, Washington is the ideal location to gain the exposure you are looking for.  EventPermits has the experience and relationships to find you the perfect location for anything you may be planning in the area.  We have the tools to get you all the appropriate permits to ensure your event runs smoothly and effectively.  Washington could be the perfect place to be the site for your company’s next food truck or pop up store.  EventPermits has a long history of samplings and special events in Washington and is an outstanding choice for any event you are planning.

    Along with experience in event permitting, EventPermits also has an intense background in the PR industry.  Our team has the top resources to conduct creative and eye-catching events in Washington.  EventPermits can even help you attain the media coverage and social media attention you want through TV, radio and the internet.  We are positive that our team will be able to meet all of your event goals.  EventPermits will help you coordinate a well-organized, outstanding and effective event that will gain your products and or brands image.

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  • Types of Permits We offer

      • MTA
      • Sampling / Soliciting
      • Health
      • Tent
      • Temporary Public Assembly / TPA
      • Sound
      • Police
      • Fire Department
      • Vendor
      • City Impact Fees
      • Generator
      • Parks
      • Street Activity
      • Film
      • Building / DOB
      • Parking
      • Red Carpet
      • Dept. of Sanitation
      • Marine
      • Fireworks / Pyrotechnics
      • Local Alliances
      • DPW
      • DOT / Public Right of Way
    ...see more
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